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Bhalukpong is a small town located along the southern reaches of the Himalayas in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh in India. The town is located at 213m above sea level[1], 100km from Bomdila, 52km from Tezpur and 5km from Tipi. It lies along the Kameng river and is the headquarters of Bhalukpong circle. A road leads to Bomdila via the Tipi Orchidariurm, and the inner line check post is located at Bhalukpong.

Bhalukpong was governed by local tribal Aka rulers, with occasional political dominance from Bhutan and Assam. Ahom rulers of Assam did not interfere with the local tribals, except for retaliatory raids into the tribal territory. In 1873, the British had declared the area around Bhalukpong as off-limits.

Fish angling and river rafting are the principal tourist activities in Bhalukpong. Tourist attractions in Bhalukpong include the Pakhui Game Sanctuary and Tipi Orchidariurm, which hosts over 2600 cultivated orchids from 80 different species.

The annual festival Nyethidow of the Aka tribe is celebrated in March at Bhalukpong. Bhalukpong is inhabited by members of the Aka and Sherdukpen tribes.

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